Are You Desperately Searching For An Answer ?

I’ve spent most of my life searching for an answer. I was always the guy who was just confounded at the essence and impossibility of being itself. Then as more and more issues surfaced the truth got harder and harder to find. I’m reminded of that phrase from Brave New world, “community, identity,stability.” How about none of the above. My search took me through all kinds of drugs and religions and philosophies only to basically conclude with my own simple phrase. As far as universal answers , I found, “It’s waiting patiently outside.”

What is it that’s waiting outside ? Is it freedom ? Is it the answer ? Does the lady at the pharmacy hold the key ? Or is it the yacht at the end? Once again Abraham Cloud has proven that anyone can do anything with almost absolutely nothing but an idea. This is a thoroughly entertaining home-made video of an absolutely great song. From the Herb Alpert horns on the intro to the sinister , haunting “I Love You’s” the listener is taken on a private journey somewhere south of Sane. Itunes amazon
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