Was I Was Visited By A Beatle ?

Strange things happen and when they do they often don’t seem that strange. This spoken word done over the song “Start Over Again,” is all about such an event. A Beetle landed on my screen door . I would shew him off but he would come back to the exact same spot. Then suddenly he was INSIDE at the same spot. It really did seem like a message was being passed. Seemed that there was something more going on . And why not really. People foul their lives trying to be rational and reasonable. There is absolutely no rules or reason !!!. Life must be experienced as a miracle to be truly experienced at all.

I had another experience like this when I first got to Hollywood. I was living in a run down motel and was really out of money. I think I had spent my last 5 bucks on a pint of booze and I was at a real crossroads. I remember praying because I really thought I was on my last leg. No money . Nowhere to go. And quite possibly no chance of making it as a songwriter. As I prayed for direction , or a sign or something.. . a light went on in the bathroom. To this day I have no idea how that happened but it did put my mind at ease. It was like a message that everything would be OK. And it was.

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