When Is Someone Officially ‘Over The Hill’ ?

After 30 years of loyal service Old Man John started dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s.  His scores began to fall on the efficiency reports and co-workers complained he was not up on the current slang terms.  When corporate headquarters demanded the use of new Apps, he was slow to install.  His antiquated belief system and ancient code of ethics was laughable to fellow employees.  They regarded him as a useless cow that should be put out to pasture.  Old Man John was now officially “Over the Hill.”

Modern Corporate society, in collusion with Modern Corporate Citizens, cannot be troubled with pegs that do not fit the holes.  Even though  the entire workforce is about to be replaced with automation, still they are not loyal to their own.  As body’s recede, wisdom is not cherished , it is spit on and locked up in nursing home prisons.  Too bad karma is such a bitch and those who rule today will be ruled tomorrow.



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