The Wind Is Falling In Love

The only way to explain the insane proportions of the recent storms in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, is to realize that Wind has taken on human emotions. Isn’t this what the Wind would look like if it was falling in love ? Or perhaps destruction would be more likely if it was scorned. It’s easy to see why names are given to hurricanes and storms are thought to be the earth’s revenge. How else could you explain the devastation and destruction on put on seemingly innocent people?

Storms like these either give people renewed faith in God or turn them into atheists, and it’s probably a pretty random spread. I’ve never been near anything like a 165 mph wind. I’ve never seen rain fall in buckets or hail the size of baseballs. Which way would I sway? I’m not sure .

Is extreme weather a random event based on a million variables ? Is it part of military experiments ? Could it be the greenhouse effect from the tonnage of pollutants we have punished the environment with ? Could the Gods be angry and trying to get out attention ?

Or is the Wind just falling in love …..

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