There Is Euphoria In Every Mistake

Everyone knows it was Kesha who sang “When You Go Down,” in the Flo RIda hit RIght Round. But ten years earlier Abraham Cloud had released “When You Go Down” on his second CD.
A quick listen will reveal a totally different sound and a totally different time but surprisingly enough there is another huge co-incidence.
When Kesha was recording “Right Round” with Flo she was renting a room in a house on Laurel Canyon Blvd from a good friend of Abraham’s (who shall remain nameless.)
And remember the original version of “You Spin Me Right Round ” was by Dead or Alive?
Check out , “When You Go Down” by Abraham Cloud on this video and remember the key lyric, “I will always be the one who sticks around, when you go down.”

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One thought on “There Is Euphoria In Every Mistake

  1. I sure do hear it. Wow! I wish someone would steal my song without permission! $$$!

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