What Makes This Beach Towel Appear To Be Alive ?

What’s under the moving beach towel ?
The new slacker’s anthem is here to let you know.
Watch closely as the towel moves and comes to life.
Shot on location in Slacker Paradise Hawaii, Abraham Cloud asks the ultimate slacker question, “Why Try ?
“Guaranteed to put a smile on your face the band pumps out the coolest punk-a-billy knee-slapper ever.
These lyrics will allow you to finally, totally and completely relax.
Way better than a spa or a massage ,Cloud reveals…

“I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout ambition, and I’ve been wishin’ that I had some.
I’ve been watchin’ the convertibles, looks like fun, if you have one.

went to an auction, over my head,
old lady died, fifty bucks to get in.
she had some fine stuff, went for millions,
she didn’t get a dime, neither did I,

when you’re standin’ in the parking lot,
and you’re thinkin’ hard ’bout what you haven’t got,
all those minutes spent in misery,
why not think of nothing,
live in ecstasy, why try?
You got your health, You got it all,
You got some good friends, Go have a ball.

(Rory Anton lead guitar, Lee Walters drums , Johnny G bass and production)

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