Numbers Can Make Sense of A Chaotic World

I can relax once something is quantified. Oh you paid $249 for that TV. Or $1300 per month for that apartment . Whew !!!! Now I can file it away and not be bothered, It can always be called up for comparison. Exactly 253 steps from the Gym to my Door. Amazing ! Now I can time the walk and find out the time per stride.

Nachos and Beer tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings . 37 nachos to finish one beer. 38 sips per beer. approx one nacho per sip . OHHHHH NOOOO

11 Nachos left and only a little bit of beer. Alter the plan with smaller sips. For god sake don’t wind up with chips left and no beer to wash them down. Math organizes my day. Math has left me lonely but more satisfied than I could ever imagine. I’ve been counting what you’ve been missing.

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