Do you have a poet of brutality in your past ?

Do you have a Poet of Brutality in your past ? Remember that guy in High School who got away with everything, screwed everyone, stole things, drove too fast , played in a rock band and got whatever he wanted. Well he’s named simply ‘R’ in this sonic examination of behavior modeling. Even though R has “raped his sister” and “spoiled his Dog” the narrator still idolizes him. It really says a lot about the human condition when we idolize the strong aggressor until he turns his aggression on us. It’s like John Lennon said before starting his amazing, “War is Over ” campaign , “How can you expect peace out of a society that spends 3-6 hours a day watching people shoot guns on TV. ” Lennon saw violence glorified and advertised everywhere when he decided that someone must start advertising Peace.

I think everyone can relate to the hero worship that’s portrayed in “Are You R” Every hormone driven adolescent boy and most Americans, seems to latch on to the idealized version of their superhero self. In this case it’s R. The crazy self-destructive rock and roll god who will terrorize anyone with a slower car. “I felt so strong, there by your side,” sings the narrator. “I can see my destiny in your eyes. ” “Are You R” appears on the “Another Successful Breakfast” CD. David Steinhart, president of Stonegarden Records, said he put out the first Abraham Cloud CD because the chorus of “Are You R ? ” sounded like a dog barking.

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