Can You Listen To “Love Shack” and Not Smile ?

Some songs are like a gift from God.  Like the B52’s “Love Shack.”  I can’t hear it without smiling.  In fact when ever I hear it I want to party.  I want to call up my friends and go on a cruise to Party Land .  How can you ever come close to that kind of joy?  How could you pack that much party into a sonic blast ?

Well you can try.  And that’s some of the fun in music. Being totally inspired by something and trying to re-create the same kind of vibe.  Or at least get in the same ball park. That’s why I was thrilled when someone said, “The guitar riff for Norma is like an international party anthem”. This definitely should have been the theme for “Hot Tub Time Machine” . The celebrity co-conspirators remain nameless but director Randy Morgan does a great job at re-creating a “Love Shack” vibe in this light hearted romp. Do yourself a favor and pick up the CD, “The Cruelty of Gravity” for hours of retro-ecstacy, Supermodel Vanessa M lends herself to this incredible 80’s romp.“Sounds like MGMT on Rock”

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