Are You Watching Others Having The Time Of Their Life ?

It is very easy to sneak off to the bleachers and just start watching life go by. Participation can be very painful. So many people simply check out at one point or another and decide it’s easier to just let the time pass like a river than jump in and get involved. Disengagement comes from painful experiences , crushed hopes, lost love , and the list goes on forever. The only thing that can really keep you coming back for more is the chance that it really is worth it . Maybe not the way you thought, but there is value in every inch of life and it can and will get better .

This is off of the classic, “Voyage To Afghanistan,” album and features one of the best Abraham Cloud line-ups . Johnny G on bass, Garwood on guitar and Larry on Drums. ” Everybody’s Doing Better Than Me,” is basically what everybody thinks most of the time

Everybody’s doin’ better than me, everybody and their sister Marie. Everybody’s doin’ better than me. Everybody’s got a color TV, a hundred channels and de-coder for free. Everybody’s doin’ better than me. Everybody’s got a college degree, plans for the future that don’t include me. Everybody’s doin’ better than me. Everybody’s got a modelesque face, life’s an adventure at a super-high pace. Everybody’s doin’ better than me. I try my best to think everything through. I analyze what is what and who is who. While I sit thinking the train leaves the station, I never get where I’m going to. Everybody’s got a beautiful view, high on a hillside with Jacuzzi and pool. Everybody’s doin’ better than me. Everybody’s got an Uncle Ramone waiting patiently to give ’em a loan. Everybody’s doin’ better than me. Even people in the military, see the world and get some money for free, yeah everybody’s doin’ better than me. Everybody’s in a rock’n’roll band, making records and touring Japan. Everybody’s got a high set of hopes, matching towels and some good friends who know everybody at the top of the heap. Everybody’s got American Dreams to stay at home eating peaches and cream. Everybody’s got a stash in the bank, credit cards and an accountant named Frank, They’re united together in a conspiracy… and they’re doin’ better than me.

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