Why Is Adele Vaporizing My Brain ?

How did Adele sneak in and liquefy my frontal lobe. Have you ever woken up to Adele kicking your door in with a gas mask firmly affixed to her internationally recognized face ?
Well I have, in a manner of speaking. Her latest smash hit came on the radio and the chorus literally hit me like a low hanging sign on the freeway. It was her song, “Send My Love,” and I have to say it is a magical chorus. It reminded me a lot of the chorus’s from sixties soul and r&b songs. The melody so wound in the lyric that it was like a message dropped from another dimension. It is the melding of heart and mind that I believe all artists yearn for and here was a pop princess, (someone I want to hate) rubbing my nose in it. I wish I had something to compare in my catalogue. The closest I could come was “Are you R ?” simply because the chorus has often been compared to barking dogs.

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