There Is A Paradise Waiting For You

So many friends of mine have traveled so far looking for a perfect place. A paradise. I’ve heard tales it’s on an island or sometimes in a drug. The tales are always very enticing. The scenario is built into the human psyche. There must be a place to escape . A place to be relaxed. A place to unwind and find your true self. To reclaim your animal-ness. Eat, drink and be merry.

Well after being disappointed by the vast majority of these potential perfections, I think I know the true way to bliss. I hypothesize that is is through perception shift. What is truly needed is a real internal mental change. Then everything looks and feels new and we are free to jump outside our normal boundaries and “live.” Real living is something that vanishes in the routine of sleeping eating and working.

I’ve felt this after an earthquake or a major event or sometimes after remembering something. I’m thinking this state may be achieved through meditation or perhaps just getting lost in a great song.

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