When The Cubicle Starts Closing In

In the course of my artistic career I have usually had to have a day gig to pay the bills . Mostly I worked in a cubicle kind of office environment. I found the weirdest part about the whole thing was always the office community .

People thrown together with nothing really in common except their need to pay the bills. The hostility , resentment , frustration and desperation I saw and felt in these rooms was gruesome. I always had my music to run back to, but many people not only hated their job, but it was all they had . They depended on the work environment for a social connection as well.

God forbid you were the office odd ball. Suddenly all the pent up anger and resentment from cubicle prisoners would be heaped upon you. Unable to leave because of financial responsibilities and unable to prosper because of a hostile environment, no wonder so many people flip out. Suddenly you realize you are not employed but imprisoned by a Company of Strangers….

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