Clean Water Is More Precious Than Gold

How we take it for granted. A fresh glass of cold clean water. And yet how long can we last without it ? And how much is left ? And what’s to stop the powers that be from controling it and controlling the world ?

I noticed yesterday after watching the news that my song “In The Thick Of It” was still relevant some 30 years after having written it. I saw the story about how officials in Flint, Michigan had cut some corners and passed off sub-standard polluted water as drinkable. I guess some things never change. There was a lot of water pollution going on back in the day and it prompted me to write the line in this song, “an angry table of old men decide to call up an old friend, make it easy for the company to dump sewage in the riverbed.”

As the population spirals out of control and the wealth falls into a smaller and smaller group, basic human rights are being challenged. The head of a huge processed food corporation recently went as far to state that water was NOT A HUMAN RIGHT. This is a line that must not be crossed . At a time when clean drinking water is becoming a luxury in many parts of the world, we must demand our rights. Air , Water and Sunshine belong to everyone.

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