On Becoming A Part Of Everything

On the second day after David Bowie has passed the thoughts are weighing heavy. What is it like to leave this life after you have worked so hard and created so much. You are gone. You are a part of everything. Even if you are conscious in some way you’re experience must be so different as to make your lire insignificant. Is it harder to let go when you’re worth over 100 million ?

It certainly has to be harder any time you are in love with your life and you hear it is ending. What if you have lived in debauchery ? Are there last minute fears of punishment hell ? Does the rebel remain defiant as he leaves this Earth ? Was it worth all the work ? Would time been better spent on simple pleasures ?

I had a friend who was pretty unsuccessful at his attempts in the music industry despite giving it ALL he had. When he knew he was dying he quit all creation like it was a 9 to 5 where he’d been laid off. It appears Bowie was creating with his very last breath .

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