Cheap Fun In San Diego

Here is the first song I ever had officially recorded. Way back in the wild days of San Diego when we were young and every day was magic.

After playing constantly , writing like a madman and dreaming constantly of that big break , it actually happened. Just like in the movies , someone wanted me to write them a song and they would record it if it was good enough. Wow !!! A dream come true. Local singer and aspiring record mogul Jimmy True was looking to start a solo career. He was recruiting a team and I was the writer. He got Rick Elias , the best Rock Producer to produce and Ricks Band was playing. We recorded at the best San Diego recording studio Hit Single, Ratt was in the other room recording the demos that would get them a huge deal in LA in coming months. True to his word , True pressed the single on True Records and that was about it.

I don’t think it ever got any radio play or anything. Those were the beginning days of DIY punk so anything could happen but it apparantlly didn’t for this record. I still think it translates today and would be a great Summer Song for someone.

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