David Bowie Has Left The Planet

Was it sitting in a room in San Diego listening to Ziggy over and over with a good friend or was it the first time I heard “Starman” on the radio. Every Bowie song is not only packed with brilliance but branded with the memories of when I heard it and what it meant to me. From his almost theatrical songs like , “When I’m Five” to the Sci-Fi lunacy of “Diamond Dogs.” Who could forget the perfect depiction of madness in “Aladdin Sane,” or the fun release of “Blue Jean.” The more songs I remember the more I am in awe of the man’s genius. Whenever I would hear him I would be dumb founded that he has done it again. Created something fresh and exciting. More than anything I was inspired. Could I approach that level of mastery ? Could I tell a story like that ? One song of mine in particular was a total Bowie inspiration, “The Company of Strangers.” Without being schooled in the possibilities available by Bowie so many great songs would have been quietly put in a drawer somewhere. Bowie lit fires everywhere that will never burn out.

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