Let’s Bring Sex Back Into Rock

Suddenly all rock music seems to be about installing locks and cleaning carpets. Why all this concern with the mundane ? Listening to my local rock station is especially hard since there aren’t any. But even when I do find a playlist on Spotify featuring new Rock music the songs are all about balancing checkbooks and buying cheap gas. What happened to sex ? When I was growing up it was all about Sex Drugs and Rock’n’Roll. Now it’s “Why in the hell am I still living at home ?”

I know there’s not many melodies left. All good lyrics and melodies have already been copyrighted. But how did Joan Baez get into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame ? She has no songs about Making Love on the floor of the Liquor Store.
If you are ready to bring sex back to Rock’n’Roll, hit the button below and strap yourself in…….

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