Do You Have Any Idea How Much A Billion Really Is ?

Every day I hear the words, “millions and billions” getting bantered about in the news. They really had no meaning until I was able to put them into human terms. Imagine being diagnosed with a strange disease that required being hooked up to a some sort of life-support machine to stay alive.

Suppose that the machine cost one dollar per second to use. You would have to spend almost four thousand dollars an hour to stay alive. It would run around $86,000 per day. Even a million dollars would only keep you alive about 12 days. But a billion dollars would keep you breathing for about 32 years !!!! Isn’t that amazing !

12 days for a million. 32 years for a billion.

No wonder there is such unbridled greed and money lust filling the air these days. Billionaire is the new Millionaire.
And still I’m at waiting for the bus like a true American Bum.

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