New Personality Types Have Been Discovered

I never really thought I fit into the standard personality types. This was both concerning and freeing. It was both liberating and frightening. But at the end of the day I guess we all want to belong to something. We all want Identity, Stability and Community. So welcome in the Sigma Male.

Not really Alpha or Beta you can now be Sigma, Omega or even Gamma. Seems guys have always wanted to be alpha. The alpha male gets the girls. He is strong , confident and unwavering in his beliefs. He is a hero. Unfortunatley , in the computer age most of us lean way more toward Beta. We are behind our computers a lot, introverted forced into cages and cubicles to survive and not really that inspired to put up a fight.

Fortunately now we can be defined as Sigma. The Persuasive Mystery Man. The guy who seems like a quiet mastermind shaping his reality the way he wants. The Sigma is illusive and quiet but he is working behind the scenes building an incredible web.

Or then again maybe you are Omega. You are a lone wolf , not beholden to anyone. You don’t follow the rules because they don’t apply . At the same time you do not have the Alpha’s need for control.

If you are a truly Modern Man you’re probably a Gamma. You have no real presence at all. A bit like Chancey Gardner from “Being There,” you are not really seen or heard . You are just there , invisible , but happy and benevolent.

No matter what brand spanking new Personality Type you belong to one thing is for sure , you are still vulnerable to being Killed with Kindness.

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