How Can Everything Possibly Be So Perfect ?

It is only in those moments of extreme physical pain or looming nuclear war that I notice how insanely perfect things usually are. I mean, the body is an absolutely insanely complex machine doing hundreds of complex operations every second. Keeping body temperature at a stable 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping heart rate steady , blood pressure at an acceptable rate , monitoring breathing and water levels . It is a mind-blowing set of operations that are performed flawlessly in a healthy individual and done 24/7 for 80 years.

Like-wise with the earth itself. Rain in balance with scorching sun. Atmosphere in balance with heat for optimal growing . The sun is the perfect distance from the Earth and the Earth is the perfect distance from the Moon. The cosmic dance is racing by at unimaginable speed and yet no one falls off of even really notices that we are moving.

Was it billions of years of trial and error evolution or is there some kind of code or pattern in place for these developments. This, we may never know, but one thing’s for sure;
When the sun is beating down on a really hot day and that one cloud drifts into place to give relief , it is definitely an ESSENTIAL CLOUD.

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