Does Watching The News Make You Wanna Drink Some Booze ?

Seems like the news is getting really intense these days. Big talk of borders and wars and threats and posturing. It can get a bit scary. especially when you know the scope of modern warfare. The wars in the Mid-East have been kept to a certain scale. But how will open conflict between Superpowers not involve nuclear. Anyways I have been imagining just what that big moment would look like. One thing is for sure I know I will wish I had had more fun while there was a big clean world to do it in. The next thought that usually comes up is , “why don’t I just go out drinking and make the most of this night.”

This is definitely alcoholic thought. I mean what has alcohol really got to do with having a good time (other that the fact that I’ve never had a good time without it ? ) Life , apparantly is one big Risk/Reward decision dilema. At least I still have A LITTLE living left to do .

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