Make Yourself A House of Love

Although I was raised in small shabby apartments I always felt I was living in a House of Love. It’s so important for people to feel safe and loved. Definietly a game-changer in how life-skills develop. The Physical Walls have no meaning or significance at all. That’s why I never understood marrying for money. What a great way to ruin your peace.

Here’s a video by film maker Sausi for “House of Love” by Abraham Cloud. Check out the tattoo on the girl , she has shown some Cloud Love !!!!! “House of Love” was on the brilliant, “Children of the Milkman” CD released on Stonegarden Records in 2005.

In the misty morning fog I will follow, If you happen to be running around my tree, Hopefully you’ll take me back To the place I used to be, ‘CAUSE THAT HOUSE IS MADE OF LOVE People from around the world Gathered to talk about the day, No one got upset, they wanna’ hear What you gotta’ say Outside its crazy, But the doors are open tonight,’CAUSE THAT HOUSE IS MADE OF LOVE That’s not the way I feel right now, That’s like the only thing That could ever really start to change your mind, And that house is hard to find Lookin’ out for rocks an twigs You know you miss majestic things, AND THIS HOUSE IS MADE OF LOVE THIS HOUSE IS MADE OF LOVE THIS HOUSE IS MADE OF LOVE

Abraham Cloud Website

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