Time Felt Different In the Olden Days

The perception of Time is a constant fascination to me. One great example is the different way Time feels when you are young.

Things are new and time is magical or deadly boring. It is new and your are learning how to navigate it Unfortunately mastering Time is a skill we all try to loose as we get older. Time goes faster and faster as you understand and become familiar with it. Days zip by. Even years zip by . We wind up using substances or techniques to slow it back down. We begin to panic , like it’s passing too fast. Try to grab on to something and slow it all down.

One line in my song, ” Never Ask Why ” totally captures this feeling. “We’ll slide on down in very slow motion. We’ll tune into the sun and the sky”

This is a major goal in most lives. To escape the Treacherous Master of Time and actually slide into an ecstatic state of NO TIME . Only endless perfection. No eating and expunging, No climbing and falling . No working and resting . Only floating . High above it all. Smiling and feeling fine.

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