Free Money For Everyone !!!

Recently many Tech Wizards have been talking about all people getting a guaranteed monthly income. Mark Zukerburg has been a big proponent of this . What would we do with all that free money ? I for one would go on vacation and write songs. What a relief !!! Send my check to the beach where I will be living. Free money will be a welcome blessing to many
starving artists.

But , we must ask ourselves what is going on. I mean . this is just too good to be true and that usually means there is some kind of scam involved. Between Automation and advanced computer intelligence it has been predicted that humans are soon to be obsolete. In this scenario the elite 1% would have to pay off the unwashed masses to maintain order or possibly be overrun by food riots.

But what kind of world will this be with free money and free time for everyone. It’s quite possible that it could either lead to the slovenly demise of humanity as we know it or a new Renaissance where truth, beauty , art and science reach new heights of expression.

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