Why Did I Name My Dog “Man” ?

You might think I named my dog “Man’ so I could say cool things like, “Hey Man” but it was really much mor philisophical. I’m always wondering what’s going through Man’s head. I mean maybe I’m thinking too much about this but it always seems to me like he knows more than he’s letting on. Like maybe he was some kind of king or billionaire in a previous life and really came to the conclusion that it was much more fun just running through the sprinklers and chasing insects. I mean it really is , isn’t it ? When you get down to it , dogs really have all the fun. No worries about the past or the future. Just the pure joy of this moment. Maybe I named him “Man” so I could try to Zen myself out and get into the pleasures of the moment. Or maybe it was just because I already had a song called, “Dog Called Man,” that I’d written years ago.

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