What’s So Great About Happiness ?

Everybody wants to be smiling all the time. Everybody wants that Pop Life. To be doing synchronized Katy Perry dancing on the breakfast table. But does anyone ever stop to savor sadness ? I mean life has many sides to it and I don’t think people are investing enough time to truly enjoy their depression. Things are slow. No one calls. You feel abandoned. Lonely. Like you’re missing out . But in the grand palette of emotions this is one we all to often avoid instead of embrace. What is so great about Happiness ? Sure you are excited and full of neurotransmitters and feel all expectant about good things to come. And then you are let down.

Happiness is a huge warning sign that sadness is coming. Where as ,if you can enjoy depression then you have only better times to look forward to. But at the same time your water line is reset and you are OK with dull, depressing and boring. It’s almost the same way people get rich by never upping their lifestyle when they start making more money.

Just a thought.

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