Are You Addicted To The Thrill Of Random ?

As my life becomes more and more routine , my appreciation of random events grows and grows. Those wonderful surprises come less and less often as time goes on. In order to re-install a sense of mystery and jittery excitement into my sludge filled life I purchased a 200 CD Changer with a random mode. Now my mornings are literally yanked out of the gutter of atrophied calendar chained monotony and thrown onto the landing strip of international blindfolded travel.

I have loaded all my CD’s into this beast , all my Beatles, Bright Eyes, Replacements, Flaming Lips and tons of friends from Stuart Pearson to David Steinhart , to Jerry Giddeons , Mike Packard, Darius Degher , Mr ectomy , Thick Skin just amazing amounts of stuff. Then I set the machine on Random and let it entertain me. It is absolutely amazing to hear my favorites in this way. They become new and unexpected and I can’t believe how good some of my friends are . It is certainly an eye-opening experience to embrace Randomly.

Check out some Cloud on Spotify

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