Let’s Bring Back The Eighties !!!!

Don’t you long for a simpler time when life was thrilling and shiny brand new things were waiting around every corner ? That was the Eighties. When people still bought music and did drugs. When sex was dirty and illicit. When there was fun, living and breathing like a big blue balloon that you could bounce atop your frilly little head as you skipped your way to a job or a school filled with beautiful 80’s people that you would party with later that night.

It was all neon and big Clicka-Clicka beats and Blondie and Clash and Joe Jackson and Devo and Van Halen and Michael Jackson and people bought music !!!!!! And people danced to music and people did lines and moved to New York. And there was tons of punk music and Radio was vital and people were not lifeless zombies just waiting to die. Ya man , bring back the Eighties.

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