Can Artificial Intelligence Write a Song ?

Artificial Intelligence will soon be writing the songs. If it isn’t already. Apple’s new app, Music Memo, is free and pretty amazing. You can record any musical idea into this app and it will identify key , chords and tempo. Then it will add bass and drums if you wish and a ton of other editing options. It is a cool tool and a great way to stimulate some creative thought. Not sure if you can sing into it and get chordal accompaniment, but this will surely be next.

Years ago I had some similar software called “Band In A Box,” that would give you full accompaniment to your chord structure. I think the Apple stuff is way more intuitive. Now anyone can not only record and album in their bedroom but they can write the songs with no previous experience.

“Hello Siri, can you write me a song about a coal miner who died of lung disease ? I’m playing a benefit later tonight and I just don’t have time. Thanks , Hun.”

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