At Home Relaxing And Recording

Recently I’ve been wondering why I never go skiing. Or why I’m never posting pictures of myself on a trip to Wine Country. Like whats wrong with me? I’m not involved in all these
activities that seem to make up the lives of people around me. Then it dawned on me as it does occasionally . I hate all this stuff. Well not really hate but I’d much rather be tripping out at home with my headphones on and laying some awesome tracks. Sipping on a little rum and howling at the neon. This is even better than sliding sown the hill at full speed for me.

I wish it was a little more physically demanding, because it is a blast to be in shape. But I don’t think most of these active peeps can understand the thrill I feel as the song builds itself in front of my very eyes and starts sounding like a new life form. A life form sprung from the Floor of the Liquor Store no doubt.

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