What happened to all the nice people ?

Is just Los Angles of has it spread. People don’t seem to be nearly as caring as before.
Maybe money is tighter of tension is greater. Whatever it is, I think it’s a bad sign. It feels to me like the game is over. Like everyone somehow has gotten the joke. That we are doomed, time is short, and you’ve got to grab for whatever you can get.

Could it be the endless stream of corrupt politicians who always seem to get away with it? Or maybe the financial scams where nobody ever goes to jail? I live in a big city so I’m sure it’s worse here but I think it’s getting bad everywhere.

People are beginning to give up. Like why be nice ? Why be kind ? Why care about your
neighbors ? Trust in humanity , God, country and civility seems to be fading. The remaining nice people are dying alone in small rooms.

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