Is Love All You Need ?

I was raised on the classic Beatles song, “All You Need Is Love.” And the philosophy of this record was a real thing in the youth movement of the day. There was a Hippie Revolution and a manifesto that preached love as the highest of all values. How many Hippies moved to California and lived on love alone for years. In a movement like this it is possible. Other Hippies had “crash pads” where you could stay and young believers really would take care of each other. But it was a community.
what seems to happen is that at some point things change and the same values that work in a small community don’t translate to ahe larger society. Hippies wound up on welfare or food stamps as long as they could . Or ideally learned some craft or skill that would sustain them in a larger society.

Many would argue that even in a regular economy love cuts in front of all. in that , work that is really done for the love of it shines through. And people who are really loving will rise to the top based on their reputation. Unfortunately , no one in the US today has this kind of patience or memory so its all based on your current sales figures. Let’s hope that love might lead the way again at some point .

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