Does It Really Matter ?

Being Bombarded with Bad News is Baffling. What do you believe ? Who do you trust ? What matters ? What can you do ?

Sometime the statistics start to scramble my brain. There is something like one American Veteran killing themselves every 9 minutes. And 100’s of heroin overdoses per day. Tons of gunshot deaths. Auto accidents. Cancer deaths . Not to mention worldwide. How babies die of Mal-nutrition and aids every day in Africa .

To be aware is to take all this in. You can’t help but going numb. Many people , especially sensitive ones seem to eventually shut a lot of it out. You have to , or go crazy. The value judgements are simply too overwhelming for any human to really process.

For instance , the money it took to air condition an apartment could have kept a starving family alive somewhere. Somehow we have to discern what really matters .

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