Are Pretending And Creating The Same Thing ?

As children we have an innate ability to Pretend.  It does not have to be taught, but it is forgot by most people at some point. Losing this divine gift leads to depression and a dull robotic behavior that seems so encouraged these days.  We must “Learn To Pretend” all over again to do more than survive.

Check out “Learning to Pretend.” Sounds a little like Bowie in the eighties. You’ll find it on Abraham’s third CD, “Children of the Milkman” . Check out the great , Grateful Dead guitar work of John Garwood and the stellar bass and production from John Gregowski . The track is really on fire. Not sure what its about but Abraham Cloud lyrics always have some cool angles in them. Thanks to Chromex for the Groovy Slide show and remember new Cloud should be out soon.

Learning To Pretend by Abraham Cloud When you wake up in the morning, Can of beer in your hand, And your mouth feels like a pillow, And your head is hurting bad, When the wind comes crawling through your window, Calling you to follow it again, You might feel that your life is not your own It’s always waiting up around the bend, LEARNING TO PRETEND As you drive down crowded freeways, Bright-White-Fear fills your eyes, And you think you feel so desperate, But we all feel that way most the time. Don’t be scared of fantastic new illusions They may turn out to be your only friends, Find a groove and let it take you down the highway, You might never find that kind of groove again, LEARNING TO PRETEND And the magic of the moment just lasts an instant When you see it gotta’ grab it, Won’t be hangin ’round, Won’t be hangin’ round too long. LEARNING TO PRETEND LEARNING ALL YOUR LIFE THEN YOU’RE LEARNING ONCE AGAIN LEARNING TO PRETEND When the view you used to be so used to Gets flattened by some fat and angry men …


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