Why Does The Same Protest Song Always Apply ?

I recently dug out an old song I wrote when I first started to hear about drive-by shootings. And then about high school kids doing the killing. The only weapon I had in high school was a water balloon. Times certainly have changed, but how does anyone get so blinded, so confused and so lost to do so much harm. Especially frightening was the fact that many drive by shootings were just random killings as initiation into a gang. Many others were revenge killings where the innocent just got caught by the stray bullets.

This tragedy on a street is replicated at all levels of society. Politicians who take money to allow projects that they know will harm people. Multi-national companies taking shortcuts with quality and environment. Everybody is always sliding by. And the people with the highest moral values are even scarier. They mow down tons of people to make a stand for their vision of God.

All protest songs seem aimed at the same target. Raising Consciousness. While we stumble around the corruption of the cities and the injustice of society we get caught in the thick of it. Like someone making their way through a tall corm field. You wind up not knowing where you are or where you are headed . Hence my song, “In The Thick of It” is what I call a “classic Protest Song.”

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