Imagine Being Homeless In A Rainstorm

The next time I find myself complaining about some mundane nuisance of modern life, I promise to pause and remember the Homeless lady I met in a rainstorm. I was traveling and had stopped for some food and here was this poor old woman out in the rain. It was then I felt the crushing feeling of alone-ness in the world. The problem with homelessness is it perpetuates itself. Once you are homeless for a bit you are dirty and look crazy thereby greatly reducing your chances of getting any help from locals. Rather than being taken in you are ostracized by people who fear for their own safety.

Bob Dylan’s song “Buckets of Rain” was recently featured on the TV show “Bones.” It wasn’t Dylan’s version though. It was sung by the incredible Beth Orton and M. Ward. It was a great version and highlighted a surreal scene where Bones was falling into alcholic despair. Supposedly, Dylan heard the version and loved it. Oddly enough, the massive amount of web searches has neted some new popularity for Abraham Cloud’s “Buckets of Rain,” which is a pretty cool song itself, original and totally unrelated to Dylan.

Buckets of Rain

Buckets of Rain coming down my head

Buckets of Rain that was what she said, buckets of rain

All of my life I’ve been waiting here

Watching these headlights disappear, buckets of Rain

I’ve seen ’em coming with the Master Plan

Steal your wallet while they shake your hand , buckets of Rain

All that I want is to be left alone

What more can you take now that you’ve got my home , buckets of Rain

Outside, the neon lights are burning safe and warm

Business as usual , uneffected by the storm Buckets of Rain

There’s Buckets of Rain for the Farmer’s Field

and Buckets of Rain for the man who feels

Nothing is Right

Nothing is Right

Nothing is Right in the world tonight.

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